A group of persons, a small but great entity. Junia Pharma has been established to reduce the increasing health issues of children, in order to build a healthier society. After 8 years we broaden our perspective towards grown-ups so that today’s youth could be accompanied by our products to become tomorrow’s adults.


We take care of people by a constant attention to the quality of our products: safe, innovative, unique and developed to respond more effectively to the various health issues. We focus especially on the well-being of the generation that will carry our projects forward in the future. We believe that the motivation behind our group is only a first step towards reaching the standards of excellence that we have set for ourselves, and that we are known by.


Today, Junia Pharma belongs to a group of companies such as Nutristar Srl – a leading business in the production of cattle feed milk-based supplements, Alesco Srl – which provides pharmaceutical businesses with raw materials, exclusive active principles and other services, and Pharmanutra Spa – which develops and produces both own brand and third-party alimentary components and medical devices containing exclusive active principles.