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Safe, innovative, effective: Junia Pharma medical devices and nutritional supplements are designed for the growth and well-being of infants and children from 0 to 16 years.

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Junia Pharma is a paediatric pharmaceutical business established to respond to the increasingly complex health needs of families. Since 2010 we have been part of the PharmaNutra S.p.A. Group.
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Our technologies are the result of the scientific research and experience of PharmaNutra, which has always been a byword for innovation and efficacy.
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Developing effective paediatric products means to deliver tested and safe products conforming to the strictest quality standards, from composition to the final packaging.
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Children grow so quickly that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all their needs.

Junia Pharma is here to give you a hand:
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Play is a fundamental part of growth: through play, children learn to become familiar with and understand the world around them, developing their emotions and imagination. Find out some new creative activities and projects to do together!

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