We turn to children and their families: personal attention and care are always at the top of our list to accompany you in a path of healthy and balanced growth.


We choose outstanding technologies to offer innovative products that respond to a child's progressive nutritional and growth needs.


The effectiveness of our products is supported and proven by extensive scientific research in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional nutrition fields.

Who we are

Junia Pharma is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2008 with the aim of discovering, producing and marketing new medicinal products and diagnostic technologies to treat widespread diseases and respond to the ever-increasing health needs. We carry out our work in a responsible and ethical manner, committing ourselves to sustainable research, respecting the needs of the individual, society and the environment. Continuous improvement, training and the definition of clear business objectives make Junia Pharma a fast-growing company.


We take care of people through constant attention to the quality of our products: safe, innovative, unique and elaborated to respond more effectively to different health needs.

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