We turn to children and their families: personal attention and care are always at the top of our list to accompany you in a path of healthy and balanced growth.


We choose outstanding technologies to offer innovative products that respond to a child's progressive nutritional and growth needs.


The effectiveness of our products is supported and proven by extensive scientific research in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional nutrition fields.

Who we are

Junia Pharma is a pharmaceutical company founded in 2008 with the aim of discovering, producing and marketing new medicinal products and diagnostic technologies to treat widespread diseases and respond to the ever-increasing health needs. We carry out our work in a responsible and ethical manner, committing ourselves to sustainable research, respecting the needs of the individual, society and the environment. Continuous improvement, training and the definition of clear business objectives make Junia Pharma a fast-growing company.


Ci prendiamo cura delle persone attraverso l'attenzione costante alla qualità dei nostri prodotti: sicuri, innovativi, unici ed elaborati per rispondere più efficacemente alle diverse esigenze di salute.

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Spring allergies in children: first signs and useful tips

Spring is the time to play in the open air, but there are many children who suffer from allergic reactions. Here are some suggestions to counteract sneezing and red eyes.   Summer arrives and, with the increase in temperatures, the wind and the dry climate, spring allergiesinevitably occur, with their threat of affecting the outdoor games of our children in a succession […]

New formulas containing goats’ milk: everything you need to know

Although in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand they have been known for more than 20 years, goats’ milk-based infant formulas have only recently been introduced to the Italian market. Also due to a not particularly extensive scientific bibliography, theproperties of goats’ milk in the paediatric context are still little known to the general public. A new alternative for the infant […]

Iron in paediatric age: from diagnosis to therapy

Last week two new seminars took place on the importance of the supplementation with iron in pediatric age, which involved theHospital Santo Bambino of Catania and the Policlinico “G. Martino” of Messina. The need for prophylaxis with iron supplementation in the paediatric age The first meeting was held in Catania on Tuesday 20 November and involved doctors from the Department of Neonatology and theNeonatal Intensive Care Unit. […]