DoloMir® Oto

DoloMir® Oto is a specific adjuvant for cleansing the ear canal, delicately removing ear wax and preventing it from forming, with the dermo-protective and lubricating properties of myrrh oil extract combined with olive oil. Suited for use with children, hearing aid wearers, water sports players and people with excessive ear wax secretion. 15 ml bottle. Find out more on It […]

DoloMir® Gola

DoloMir® Gola Spray is a specific adjuvant for protecting the oropharyngeal mucosa. The mucoprotective function is assured by myrrh polysaccharides and sodium hyaluronate which, by creating a barrier film, limit the contact with harmful external agents. Due to its protective function, DoloMir® Gola Spray is recommended for use in the case of exposure to external agents that potentially irritate the […]