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Spring allergies in children: first signs and useful tips

Spring is the time to play in the open air, but there are many children who suffer from allergic reactions. Here are some suggestions to counteract sneezing and red eyes.   Summer arrives and, with the increase in temperatures, the wind and the dry climate, spring allergiesinevitably occur, with their threat of affecting the outdoor games of our children in a succession […]

New formulas containing goats’ milk: everything you need to know

Although in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand they have been known for more than 20 years, goats’ milk-based infant formulas have only recently been introduced to the Italian market. Also due to a not particularly extensive scientific bibliography, theproperties of goats’ milk in the paediatric context are still little known to the general public. A new alternative for the infant […]

Iron in paediatric age: from diagnosis to therapy

Last week two new seminars took place on the importance of the supplementation with iron in pediatric age, which involved theHospital Santo Bambino of Catania and the Policlinico “G. Martino” of Messina. The need for prophylaxis with iron supplementation in the paediatric age The first meeting was held in Catania on Tuesday 20 November and involved doctors from the Department of Neonatology and theNeonatal Intensive Care Unit. […]

SiderAL® expands its range to cover the need for iron from birth to adulthood

Iron is the most important mineral for our body. Indeed, it is the most abundant element in the blood and the main component ofhaemoglobin. Its role is far from trivial: iron is responsible for transporting oxygen to all the cells of the human body. It also supports energy production and immune response, helping to strengthen the body and increasing resistance to stress and disease. Iron deficiency: […]

New meeting dedicated to goats’ milk formulas and to Capricare

On September 26th a meetingwas held in Rome, in the splendid setting of Villa Gianicolense, dedicated to goats’ milk formulas and Capricare, the first goats’ milk formula that Junia Pharma has been importing into Italy since the beginning of the year. Junia Pharma’s top management were present – Dr. Andrea Lacorte, as President of the PharmaNutra Group and nutrition expert, Managing Director Carlo […]

Back to school: dealing with the return to school without anxiety and stress

Dealing with returning to school after the holidays is not easy. Here are some tips to avoid anxiety, stress and sleep disturbances related to the return syndrome.   A new school year is just around the corner and after months of vacation, children and young people have to face the return to school and get used to the daily routineagain. However, the so-called “back […]

Travelling with children: tips for avoiding stress and setting out peacefully

Holidays are a unique opportunity to live new experiences and enjoy time with our children outside of everyday life. Without organization, however, a trip with children can become a source of stress and anxiety.. The pedagogical function of travel It is not only parents who need a holiday every now and then, but also for young ones it is important to be able to begin […]

First refresher conference on paediatric nutrition

On Monday 25 June, the first refresher conference on paediatric nutrition was held in Milan, organized by Junia Pharma in collaboration with San Paolo Hospital. The talks, coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Banderali, Head of Paediatrics at San Paolo Hospital in Milan and member of the board of directors of the Italian Society of Paediatrics (Sip), had as their main focus the nutritional […]

Follow proper nutrition as children to become healthier adults

From weaning onwards, it is important to accustom children to a healthy, balanced and varied diet because the preferences and taste experiences that develop as children can affect the food choices of adult life. Children’s energy needs The energy (or calorie) requirement represents the amount of energy derived from food that our body needs in order to compensate for its […]

Iron deficiency in children: a widespread but often underestimated phenomenon

Iron is a fundamental substance for the body: in addition to being the mineral present in greater quantities in the blood, it also plays an important role in physical and cognitive development, especially in the case of children during the growth phase. Not only does iron determine blood quality, it also helps to improve resistance to stress and disease, as it helps the immune […]

Self-weaning: Is it really as simple as it sounds?

In recent years, we have heard more and more about self-weaning: how many mothers are really informed about the subject, or rather, how many are really able to follow this practice correctly in everyday life?   What does “self-weaning” mean and what does it entail? First of all, let’s have some clarity: instead of self-weaning, it would be more correct to […]

Pollen allergies: how to defend yourself against the arrival of spring

Although winter is still being felt these days, spring has officially begun. This means longer, sunnier days, rising temperatures and a great desire to go out and play outdoors. For many children, however, unfortunately, spring is also synonymous with pollen allergies. According to estimates by the Bambin Gesù Hospital in Rome in Italy there are more than a million and a half children and young people […]

Children and sport: at what age to start and what sport to choose?

Sporting activity is fundamental for the growth of our children in a healthy and complete way, both from a physical and psychological point of view. But at what age would it be better to start and, above all, which sport to choose? Until school age, the activity must be understood as a game and fun, not as a discipline and sporting technique. Paediatricians […]

HR: paediatric check-ups not to be missed in the first 12 months of life

During the first year of a child’s life, new parents must learn not only to take care of a newborn baby, but also to respect new schedules and commitments, hitherto totally unknown. Among these appointments, the most important are certainly the so-called Health Reports (HR), or periodic checks by the paediatrician. What is an HR ? HRs are paediatric controls, established by regional health authorities and planned […]

Cold emergency: how to protect children from sore throats

Just when we hoped to have left the winter behind a new Siberian weather disturbance has frozen every little hope of bringing the children to play in the park without having to scream every 2 minutes “cover yourself or you will get a sore throat!” or “do not take your clothes off, you are sweaty and will get ill!”. Strange […]

Goats’ milk helps mothers with difficulty breastfeeding

Today we want to accompany you to the discovery of a magical place, both legendary and real: the home of Capricare, the first milk formula based on goats’ milk. The Capricare family Capricare was born in 1984, in the Waikato region of New Zealand, in a rich land that still speaks of unspoilt nature and biodiversity. It was born and grew up in a […]

The importance of Vitamin D in the body

In recent years, Vitamin D has been the subject of numerous scientific studies – one of the most authoritative by the Queen Mary University of London – which highlights its importance in the prevention, and in some cases also in the treatment, of many diseases. As is well known, vitamin D is called the “Vitamin of the sun”, because the sun’s rays stimulate its natural production in the body, but […]

The natural qualities of milk in the Capricare formula

Fourth appointment with our series of articles dedicated to breastfeeding and first focus, to all intents and purposes, on Capricare® 2, the first baby formula based on goats’ milk, made in New Zealand by Dairy Goat Co-operative. A product that has already been enjoying exceptional success abroad for several years due to its completely natural qualities, as highlighted last week, which make it a valid alternative to breast […]

(IT) Latte artificiale: qualità e caratteristiche dei migliori

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Convention Nazionale 2018: riflettori su Capricare e Neo D3 Forte

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(IT) Latte artificiale? Non sono tutti uguali…

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(IT) Se una mamma smette di allattare al seno

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Coughing, cold and sore throats: here’s how to protect ourselves

Every parent’s nightmare coming true in November, punctually as a Swiss watch: a season of coughing attacks and cold for their children. This prefect timing is thanks to the weakening of the body’s natural defenses, which comes together with the temperature drop of the arriving winter season. A weakening of the natural defenses leads to increased contact between mucous membrane […]

10 signs suggesting that your child is tired

Kids never stop, they are always active and full of energy, eager to learn and want to know everything about the world around them. Although we often forget that the life of a child can be very tiring, both physically as well as mentally. In most cases it is not related to particular disorders or illnesses and so it should […]

Junia Pharma at the Pisa Half Marathon: today’s kids, tomorrow’s champions

Junia Pharma also gave its contribution to the success of Pisa Half Marathon, which, thanks to the commitment of Pharmanutra, presented its 10th edition in an exciting new light:  a new course through the historic center and an exhibition area inside Giardino Scotto, which on Saturday, 8 and Sunday, 9 October gave place to all the associations that supported the […]

With kids by the sea: evergreen beach games!

Dear moms, Summer is here together with the heat and holidays are around the corner. By the way, do you have any plans? Do you have a specific destination in mind or are you still fishing in the dark? Did you make up your mind whether you prefer the sea or the mountain (or something else)? Probably your kids figured […]

Angoscia pre-verbale: sintomi e rimedi per combattere le paure dei bebè

I neo-genitori in ascolto avranno certamente avuto occasione di ammirare il loro piccolo (o i loro piccoli) durante varie sessioni di grida, urla, pianti e dimenamenti vari scatenati da motivi almeno in apparenza ignoti, niente che avesse a che fare con i soliti mal di pancia, stanchezza, fame e voglia di mamma (detti anche attacchi di “mammite”) ma qualcos’altro di….boh. Sappiamo […]

#stressdafinescuola: la soluzione “campo estivo” per tenere occupati i ragazzi durante le vacanze

Care mamme, da tanti anni ormai giugno è sinonimo di fine della scuola e fine della scuola è sinonimo di vacanze, libertà, mare e caldo, che è a sua volta sinonimo di intorpidimento,  pigrizia, stanchezza fisica e mentale. Per voi care mamme potrebbe essere sufficiente un’ingente scorta di vitamine B e vitamina D per tornare in forma, ma cosa ne sarà dei vostri bimbi? Di cosa hanno bisogno per non perdere smalto e […]

Un riconoscimento internazionale al ferro pisano. La storia di un successo nato dalla capacità di cambiare prospettiva

Andrea Lacorte, presidente del Gruppo Pharmanutra e sportivo d’eccezione. Dalla spedizione internazionale al Polo Nord del 2013 alla nutrizione; dai mangimi per animali al Prodotto dell’Anno ai NutraIngredients Awards 2016 (NIA). Andrea Lacorte è rientrato da qualche tempo dal Vitafoods Europe 2016 di Ginevra, evento di riferimento per il mercato nutraceutico e degli alimenti funzionali che ospita a ogni edizione oltre 13.000 visitatori e più di 700 espositori da tutta Europa. […]