Junia Pharma at the Pisa Half Marathon: today’s kids, tomorrow’s champions

Junia Pharma also gave its contribution to the success of Pisa Half Marathon, which, thanks to the commitment of Pharmanutra, presented its 10th edition in an exciting new light:  a new course through the historic center and an exhibition area inside Giardino Scotto, which on Saturday, 8 and Sunday, 9 October gave place to all the associations that supported the event, creating a real village dedicated to the world of running and to raising awareness on the importance of donating organs and tissues.

Junia Pharma participated with its big colorful stand, offering a place where children could find “bread for their teeth”: a team of animators committed to boosting the creativity of the little ones, offering them sheets, pencils and paint brushes and inviting them to draw.

Of course, the gazebo of Junia Pharma has become quickly crowded, full of busy and excited kids, giving parents the opportunity to have a walk around the expo. However, designing is not the only activity children could participate to. On Saturday, 8, they were the little stars of the Mini Run, a running “race” dedicated to today’s kids who will become tomorrow’s athletes.

In short, the Pisa Half Marathon was another occasion to demonstrate that at the center of Junia Pharma’s attention there are always children, their well being and their growth, because we’d like to think that one day they will take over our small but great projects.