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Capricare 2

Follow-on formula milk for infants (6 – 12 months) with whole goat’s milk

Capricare 2 is the first formula milk made with whole goat’s milk, for the correct growth and intestinal well-being of infants from six months of age.

Capricare 2, an ally for the tummy!
Compared to conventional follow-on formulae made with cows milk, goat’s milk is highly digestible and, with its protein composition, once digested is more easily decomposed, thus assuring a healthy microbial flora and gastrointestinal well-being.

Capricare 2is naturally nutrient!
In contrast to many artificial milks, Capricare 2 is made only with whole milk. This preserves the natural goodness of the milk fat, one of the essential nutrients found also in mother’s milk.

Capricare 2 is a simple formula!
Goat’s milk is naturally rich in prebiotics, eight times more than cows milk! Through simplified processing, all the natural nutrients of the whole milk are kept, adding only the other ingredients the child needs for growth.

Capricare 2 is available in single packs of 400 g.

Capricare 2 is made by Dairy Goat Co-operative in New Zealand and distributed exclusively in Italy by Junia Pharma S.r.l.

Based on the natural goodness of whole goat’s milk, Capricare 2 was created to ensure the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required to ensure a balanced and varied diet for children.

  • Excellent digestibility
  • Improved gastrointestinal well-being (fosters healthy microbial flora)
  • High tolerability, with less risk of skin reactions
  • Naturally rich in bioactive components (nucleotides and free amino acids)
  • Delicate, smooth flavour and better palatability than cows milk formulae
  • Improves the absorption of proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids
  • Problem-free daily intake even for long periods
  • Does not contain palm oil or other hydrogenated fats
  • Does not contain sucrose or maltodextrin

This formula is suited for the nutritional requirements of children from 6 months onwards.

Capricare 2 was developed after more than 20 years of research and many clinical trials. Goat’s milk formulae are safe and effective, with the nutritional substances needed in all phases of your child’s growth and development.

Prepare the bottle just before use. Always wash your hands and the utensils before preparing the bottle. Use only the specific scoop and comply with the prescribed dosage.

Failure to comply with the preparation and preservation instructions could cause risks for your child’s health. Do not reuse any leftover milk after a meal.

Store the jar closed in a cool, dry place. After opening, keep sealed and continue to store in a cool, dry place. Use the contents within 4 weeks of opening.

Whole pasteurized goat’s milk, lactose, vegetable oil mixture (high oleic sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, anti-oxidant (sunflower lecithin, mixed tocopherols), powdered pasteurized goat’s milk, powdered fish oil (source of docosahexaenoic acid), powdered Mortierella alpina oil (source of arachidonic acide), minerals (sodium citrate, dicalcium phosphate, calcium citrate, calcium hydroxide, potassium chloride, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, copper sulphate, manganese sulphate, potassium iodide, sodium selenite), choline chloride, L-tyrosine, L-triptofano, L-cistina, vitamine (acetato di dl- α-tocoferile, acido L-ascorbico, nicotinamide, cholecalciferol, retinyl acetate, calcium d-pantothenate, cyanocobalamin, phytomenadione, thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, d-biotin), L-isoleucine, taurine, L-carnitine.

This product contains 38% dry goat’s milk.

Energy value kJ 2100 280
kcal 510 66
Fats, of which g 26.7 3.4
saturated fatty acids g 9.5 1.2
mono-unsaturated fatty acids g 12.7 1.6
polyunsaturated fatty acids g 4.1 0.53
– linoleic acid (omega 6) mg 3100 400
– α-linolenic acid (omega 3) mg 410 53
– docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) mg 120 15
– arachidonic acid (AA) mg 125 16
Carbohydrates, of which g 57.4 7.4
sugars (lactose) g 57.4 7.4
Protein g 10.1 1.3
Vitamin A µg-RE 430 56
Vitamin D3 μg 12 1.5
Vitamin E mg α-TE 12 1.5
Vitamin K1 μg 52 6.7
Vitamin C mg 100 13
Vitamin B1 mg 0.48 0.062
Vitamin B2 mg 0.95 0.12
Niacin mg 5.1 0.66
Vitamin B6 mg 0.28 0.036
Folic Acid μg-DFE 170 22
Vitamin B12 μg 1.4 0.18
Biotin μg 18 2.3
Pantothenic acid mg 2.7 0.35
Sodium mg 150 19
Potassium mg 540 70
Chloride mg 440 57
Calcium mg 460 59
Phosphorus mg 340 44
Magnesium mg 36 4.6
Iron mg 6.9 0.89
Zinc mg 3.8 0.49
Copper mg 0.38 0.049
Manganese mg 0.07 0.009
Fluoride mg 0.05 0.0065
Selenium μg 19 2.5
Iodine μg 100 13
Choline mg 160 21
Taurine mg 36 4.6
Carnitine mg 7 0.9
Inositol mg 30 3.9

The indicated values are calculated on the basis of the following reconstitution ratio: Powder (g) 4.3; Water (mL) 30; Powder in 100 mL (g) 12.9.

Important: breast-feeding is the best nutrition for infants. If breast-feeding is not enough or not possible, with the doctor’s recommendation you may move on to follow-on formula milk. Capricare 2 is a safe substitute or supplement for mother’s milk as part of a varied diet, suited for infants from 6 months. The decision to integrate supplementary foods, particularly before 6 months, should only be taken with the advice of the paediatrician, and must be based on the specific care of the child in terms of growth and development.

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