DoloMir® Gola

DoloMir® Gola Spray

is a specific adjuvant for protecting the oropharyngeal mucosa. The mucoprotective function is assured by myrrh polysaccharides and sodium hyaluronate which, by creating a barrier film, limit the contact with harmful external agents.

Due to its protective function, DoloMir® Gola Spray is recommended for use in the case of exposure to external agents that potentially irritate the oropharyngeal mucosa, such as low temperatures, smog and smoke.

15 ml bottle.

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It is a CE medical device certified. Read the package leaflet before use.
Ministerial Authorisation dated 30/03/2022.

Shake well before use. Spray the product locally using the specific atomiser. Use as needed, up to a maximum of 12 sprays per day.

Hydroglyceric myrrh extract, sodium hyaluronate, water, vegetable glycerine, fructose, potassium sorbate, citric acid, flavouring, sucralose.