Quality and certification

Developing effective paediatric products means to deliver tested and safe products conforming to the strictest quality standards.

The Junia Pharma quality control system governs the activities at all levels, from raw materials to the finished product, ensuring compliance with regulations and the sale of the highest quality nutritional supplements and medical devices.

Since 2012, Junia Pharma has been certified to ISO 9001 for its quality management system. Compliance with the ISO 9001 standard is a commitment involving the company and its collaborators at all levels, guaranteeing that Junia Pharma products meet customer demands as well as the applicable binding requirements, through the effective application of its control system, as well as its process- and risk-based thinking approach.

Furthermore, Junia Pharma is certified to standard SA 8000, relating to the adoption of a corporate quality and social responsibility system. Thanks to its SA 8000 certification, Junia Pharma fosters quality in the workplace and promotes transparency of its working conditions, safety and staff remuneration.

Reports, documents and certifications

Company policy
Ethical and social services report
SA 8000 Certification
ISO 9001 Certification

Pharmacovigilance report

If you come into contact with a Junia Pharma product that does not conform to the standards or if you notice a problem of any kind (packaging, unusual colour, odour or flavour, changes in consistency, etc.) you can send a report or ask for a control to our offices, by e-mail to info@juniapharma.it.

What to do in the event of an adverse reaction to a drug?

First of all, contact your GP and inform them of the situation. If you wish to report the event, please follow the Pharmacovigilance instructions.

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