Scientific Research

Scientific research and innovative technologies for children’s health and well-being

Scientific research has always been at the centre of our work and our Junia Pharma products. When we talk about children’s health and well-being, we must respond to health needs with effective solutions, but which also fully respect the nature of the human body and the delicate balances governing the various phases of growth.

Our goal, as researchers, but even before that as parents, is to develop nutritional supplements and medical devices that act rapidly, are well tolerated and have no side effects, for preventing and combating nutritional deficiencies and other more debilitating conditions.
In other words: helping children to support the human body’s needs, from early childhood to adulthood.

Being part of the PharmaNutra Group, Junia Pharma has been able to acquire know-how in the field of scientific research based on:

  • Cutting-edge clinical studies and publications, in cooperation with the best national and international universities and research institutes.
  • Patents and proprietary raw materials used to create products with unique and specific formulations.
  • Competence and extensive experience in the field of health, nutrition and molecular biology.
  • Innovative resources and technologies developed to increase absorption and improve the tolerability and bioavailability of micro- and macro-nutrients.

Over the years, the results of scientific research have led to the development and perfection of Sucrosomial® Technology, a patented delivery system that increases the absorption and tolerability of minerals, essential substances for human health, but which the human body has difficulty in absorbing and which can have significant side-effects at gastrointestinal level. In particular, Sucrosomial® Technology applied to iron has been widely acclaimed in the paediatric sector, as well as in numerous clinical fields, both as a tool for preventing iron deficiency and as an integrating method when sideropenia is correlated to specific diseases.

WHO data estimate that iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficit worldwide, especially in women during pregnancy and in children, starting from the age of six months and with major repercussions on their health and development. Junia Pharma’s commitment to fighting the spread of this condition begins precisely from its scientific research and the development of products made with iron with high bioavailability and tolerability, with formulations that can easily be adapted to the needs of children.

Partner Universities and research institutes

Our most important studies in the paediatric field

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