SiderAL® expands its range to cover the need for iron from birth to adulthood

Iron is the most important mineral for our body. Indeed, it is the most abundant element in the blood and the main component ofhaemoglobin. Its role is far from trivial: iron is responsible for transporting oxygen to all the cells of the human body. It also supports energy production and immune response, helping to strengthen the body and increasing resistance to stress and disease.

Iron deficiency: a particularly widespread phenomenon

Unfortunately, we do not always manage to get the right amount of iron through our diet. It is no coincidence that sideropenia(scientific term for iron deficiency) is the most common food deficiency in the world.

Supplementing iron deficiency safely and effectively

Unfortunately, it is difficult for our organism to absorb the right amount of iron, either through food or through supplements. In addition, the latter often cause annoying side effects. How, then, can iron be made more tolerable and assimilable? The final solution is calledsucrosomial iron®. A new patented technology, which surrounds iron molecules with a phospholipidic membrane able to protect the body from side effects and, at the same time, to increase the levels of absorption of this precious mineral.

SiderAL®: The right solution for every stage of growth

Thanks to sucrosomial technology®, Junia Pharma has developed a specific solution for every need and age. From the first months of life up to seven years there is SiderAL® Gocce: a liquid formulation, with an excellent taste, that can be taken for prolonged periods of time. In case of severe iron deficiency, Junia Pharma has also recently developed SiderAL® Gocce Forte, with a dosage of Sucrosomial® iron increasing from 7 to 14 mg/ml.
With growth, the need for vitamins also increases, especially in schoolchildren who are always on the move and in need of energy. To meet this need, SiderAL® Bimbi was created, a supplement contained in practical soluble sachets containing Sucrosomial® iron, Vitamin C and Vitamins B12 and B6.
From the age of ten, one moves on to SiderAL® Oro. The innovative formulation in chewable sticks allows children to supplement iron and vitamins at any time of day in a practical and fast way. In the last few months Junia Pharma has also introduced the new version SiderAL® Oro 14 which, thanks to a dosage of Sucrosomial® iron of 14mg per stick, guarantees 100% of the NRV (Daily Nutrients Reference Value).