With kids by the sea: evergreen beach games!

Dear moms,

Summer is here together with the heat and holidays are around the corner. By the way, do you have any plans? Do you have a specific destination in mind or are you still fishing in the dark? Did you make up your mind whether you prefer the sea or the mountain (or something else)?
Probably your kids figured it all out by now and obviously running on the sand is much more fun than walking in the woods or the queues in front of the museums. Okay, let yourself be convinced of the idea and this summer let’s go to the sea! Are there any objections?


1 – We are going there to do what? It’s always the same stuff …
Don’t worry, dear moms, we have a solution, even more than one, give us a few days to think about it and we will come back to it.

2 – We are not ready yet for the bathing suit season!
We have some tips for you, have look at THIS.

3 – And what about the kids? We do not know what we can come up with and we cannot afford summer camps, fun parks or special courses… I mean… I don’t know?!
This is exactly what we wanted to hear! Keep reading for another couple of lines and we will work it out.

4 – It’s so hot by the sea.
It’s even hotter here.

Come on, we know that you are looking forward to it! Yes, because going to the sea is a bit like being kids again, brining back the memories of who knows how many summers ago, when your grandparents took you to buy an ice cream and taught you to play table tennis while waiting for your friends to organize the beach games … Oh right, those evergreen beach games that remain always popular, always fun and interesting.

Let’s see how they have (not) changed over the years. Here are the most authentic and popular ones on our beaches:

The contortionist alphabet: it can be played in two teams; the goal is to form the shapes of alphabet letters with your body. The team guessing more letters in less time wins the game. If your kids want to lay down for their performance, check the temperature of the sand before, just to avoid something that might turn into a dangerous barbecue.

Championship of penguins: boys like to play football anywhere and the beach is no exception. Recently, a slightly modified version has been introduced, namely football with flippers. Perhaps it is a bit dangerous but quite fun (especially for the audience). In practice, every player will have to wear a pair of flippers, an accessory that will definitely turn a match into something completely surreal and extremely funny, something not to miss out on.

Wet T-shirt team: 5 minutes, two teams, running into the water with a T-shirt on, running back to the base, taking off the T-shirt and wringing it in a bucket, and as so on, as many times as possible. The team with the fullest bucket wins the game. Of course the larger the T-shirt the more water you can get out of it. So if you still have an old t-shirt bought at the Lunapop concert that probably you won’t ever wear again, then you finally found a good use of it.

Marble Grand Prix: It may seem an easy game but it can be full of surprises and fun as there are no limits to the complexity and length of the path, including crossroads, curves, bridges, holes, puddles and other kind of obstacles. The only limit is your imagination and that of your loved ones.

There is nothing boring here, dear moms. Playing never gets old, just remember that it’s never too late to play and then … Let’s all go to the sea!