The Company

We take care of people through constant attention to the quality of our products: safe, innovative, unique and elaborate to respond more effectively to different health needs

(IT) Allergie primaverili nei bambini: primi segnali e consigli utili

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(IT) Nuove formule a base di latte di capra: tutto quello che c’è da sapere

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(IT) Il ferro in età pediatrica: dalla diagnosi alla terapia

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Who we are

Junia Pharma is a pharmaceutical company born in 2008 aimed at discover, produce and commercialize new treatments and diagnostic techniques to heal widespread pathologies and answer tot he increasing health requests. We work in a responsible and ethic way, by becoming involved into sustainable researches, in respect to society, environment and people’s needs. Continuous improvement, specialized training of our highly qualified staff and defining clear business objectives make Junia Pharma is an ever-growing enterprise


Our focus is on children and their families: caring and attention are always at the forefront of a balanced and healthy growth.


We use cutting edge technologies in order to provide innovative products which are able to meet kids’ increasing needs of nutrition and growth.


Our products’ efficiency is guaranteed by a wide scientific research in both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical field, as well as in the area of functional foods.